Blue Fire Spirit – Decorative Glass Piece

Every winter a local gallery has an exhibition where artists from the area are invited to submit three pieces of any type of art. I decided to do something a little bit different (for me) and made a decorative piece which allows the light to shine through.

I began with a clear piece of glass onto which I laid randomly cut pieces of blue glass. There are actually three different colours of blue glass – cobalt, turquoise and cyan. The clear glass only went up about three quarters of the piece as I wanted the blue wavy bits of glass at the top to be free standing. Where there was no clear glass to support the blue glass, I placed kiln paper behind the blue glass so that this glass would all be at the same level.

Once I was happy with the blue wavy strips of glass, I added clear dots and the occasional teal dot. When light shines through the back of the glass, you get a lovely pattern reflected.

The piece then went into my kiln to be tack fused together. I chose a tack fuse so that the glass would still have definition.

Once out of the kiln, the piece was thoroughly washed before being placed in a wooden stand. Then it was off to the Castlemaine Market Building in Central Victoria.

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