Patchwork Plates

Patchwork plates are fun to make. I’ve been making them for several years now. I pick a colour palette and then make up my design. Each design is different – it all depends on what glass I have available and whether I’m cutting the glass into squares, rectangles or triangles. The green patchwork plate has just come out of the kiln. I decided to work in triangles.

I laid down all my triangles on a clear piece of glass making sure that no triangles that touched were the same colour. Five different greens were used as well as French Vanilla. There are a few slight gaps between some of the triangles. The gaps will close up when fused. After laying down all the triangles, I began to decorate each triangle using stringers and dots that have previously been made on spare kiln shelf.

The photo above has been taken after a full fuse. I tried to decorate each triangle differently. Some of the greens reacted with the French Vanilla which I think adds depth to the piece. Once cleaned, the piece was returned to the kiln for slumping.

Below are a few variations of a patchwork plate that I have made over the years.

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