Fused Glass Bubble Plate

When working with layers of glass, one of the things an artist tries to avoid is air being trapped between the layers which then cause unsightly bubbles. For this plate, trapped bubbles are a design element.

I cut two pieces of clear glass the same size. On each piece, I layered coloured stringers (thin pieces of glass, like spaghetti width) at set intervals and glued them down. Below, you can see one of the pieces being built on my kiln shelf.

When the glue was dry, I took the second piece, carefully flipped it upside down and turned it at a 90 degree angle before placing it on the first piece. The stringers were sandwiched between the two pieces of clear glass. This then went into my kiln for a full fuse.

You can clearly see the bubbles trapped in between the rows of stringer. Most of the bubbles are centred but there are a few that are off centre and a couple of squares have to bubbles. I really wanted a rainbow effect. Unfortunately a couple of the stringer colours I chose were in light shades and didn’t quite have the vibrant effect I was after. Next time, I’ll use a different colour palette.

Then the piece went back into the kiln to be slumped into a dish shape. Overall, I was pleased with the result.

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