Bullseye Striker Glass

I use Bullseye Glass for fusing. Some of their glass is known as ‘striker’ glass. In sheet form, this glass can appear pale or colourless. It matures to a much different colour when fired. On the piece I am making below, the bottom sheet of ‘clear’ glass and the top small ‘clear’ pieces are actually striking glass, in this case, an orange. The in between layer is french vanilla, one of my favourites.

When working on a design, you have to remember that some colours can strike so what you are seeing in front of you, is not the same colour the piece will be fired to. Also, it’s important to keep your striking glass separate from your clear glass so that you don’t accidentally use the wrong glass.

After the initial kiln fusing, the glass has struck and you can see its true colour. Then it’s back into the kiln to slump into a bowl mold.

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